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Retail Point of Sale Software for Hawaii

Retail Point of Sale Software for Hawaii

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii helps retailers in Hawaii succeed by giving them the tools needed to be more efficient, streamline processes, and earn bigger profit margins - and we've been doing it for a long time!

Are you currently using an off-the-shelf retail POS (Point of Sale) system that just isn't meeting your business needs? Need a better retail software solution? Are you looking for a retail POS software system designed for the unique needs of specialty retailers in Hawaii, something that can help you run your retail business, save you time and earn you money? How about a system that is easy to learn, easy to work, and easy to transition over to?

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii Retail POS software is a fully integrated Point of Sale solution that helps you manage all your retail operations across your store and your entire business – from Point of Sale to accounting, inventory to purchasing management, financial reporting to customer marketing and management – what’s remarkable is it does all these things well!

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii provides point of sale, inventory control and barcoding solutions for retail stores on Oahu, Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai and Guam. Contact Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii today to learn more about what we can do for you!

Delivery Scheduler

At any point during the sale, you can set the delivery date for your customer. Once you set the delivery date, an appointment is created in the delivery scheduler. Each delivery that is scheduled can be assigned to a specific employee, and will remind them of the delivery date and time.

Commissions & SPIFs

Our commission and salesperson incentive fund (SPIF) tracking is a powerful, flexible sales commission tool. It calculates your retail sales people's compensation, accurately, quickly and professionally. Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii Retail POS software also precisely calculates incentive payments (SPIF's) and easily manages other compensation plans for sales teams.

Reward Cards (Memberships)

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii Retail POS software offers full compatibility for an integrated membership software program. The Membership Management feature in Windward System Five allows you to easily sell memberships to your customers at the Point of Sale to reward them accordingly. A great way to keep customers coming back!

Pictures & Labels

Using the Label Designer, you can easily design professional custom labels and tags for your inventory. Any information you store in the inventory record can be added to your labels – including barcode, picture, and pricing. This will make it easier for your staff to label the right item, and for your customer to see which item the sign relates to.

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii Email

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii Marketing is a solution to email marketing. Our optional Email Marketing solution helps you keep regular contact with your retail customers by sending email newsletters, and keeps them coming back into your retail store. Keep your business fresh in your customers’ minds and build your relationship with regular, timely professional looking emails.

Optional Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii E-Commerce

Whatever your internet goals - Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii E-Commerce has the customizable shopping cart solutions that can help your business succeed online. Windward E-Commerce is a powerful package that integrates your online and offline businesses, providing you with optimal control and flexibility.


Offering Touchscreen functionality for quick point of sale service and you can create either a global (system wide) or local (i.e. this workstation only) display button layout so that certain key features are displayed in an evidently obvious fashion. Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii touchscreen technology allows you to have the features readily available at your finger tips, literally.


Retail Point of Sale Software for Hawaii

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii Retail POS software helps retailers in Hawaii succeed by giving them the tools needed to be more efficient, streamline processes, and earn bigger profit margins.

Frustrated with inventory costs?
Before Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software, counts were out, so much time was being invested in managing and receiving stock, they couldn’t tell at the click of a button what items were selling well, what were the optimal inventory turn rates, how they could minimize carrying costs, and more...

Struggling with getting real-time financial reporting?
Before Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software, managers and bookkeepers were spending countless hours reconciling z-reports, purchase orders, invoices, etc. trying to create a working snapshot of the financial success and/or failures of their business. With so much time and money being spent trying to create reports, there wasn’t any time to diagnose retail problems and actually solve them.

Suffering from long lines at the till and customer cart abandonments?
Before implementing Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software staff couldn't quickly process special orders, pricing, sales histories, and more leading to long lines, frustrated customers, poor customer loyalty, followed by the dreaded abandoned shopping cart!

None of our clients have these problems anymore!!! The only problems they have are figuring out where to invest those extra profits or where to take that much deserved vacation!

Easy to Use TouchScreen

A Powerful and Easy to Use TouchScreen empowers your cashiers to quickly help customers.

Integrated Credit, Debit & Gift Card Processing

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software supports the authorization and processing of credit cards, debit cards and gift cards.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Gift Cards are scanned at the POS Terminal.

The authorization information prints on the customer receipt, as does the signature line.

An optional Customer Signature Pad eliminates the need to store signatures.

credit card processing hawaii debit card processing hawaii gift card processing hawaii

Instant Access to Customer Information

Customer name and address information can readily be accepted and entered at POS or in the back office. Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software maintains a customer buying history which can be viewed at POS with details of every transaction and a dollar total of purchases to date. When a customer returns to a store, verifying customer satisfaction on former purchases or intelligently suggesting new purchases has great impact. A detailed purchase history is also invaluable for controlling merchandise returns or monitoring discounts.

Instant Access to Customer Information

When creating an invoice for a new customer, you can click on the new customer button to create the customer right then and there. This is great for warranty purposes or just to increase your mailing list.

Normally, you'll be searching for an existing customer. To do this, just start typing the customer name and it should appear. If you have several customers starting with the same letters, you can click on the find customer button to search for a customer using the customer search screen as used in all other areas of the program.

In addition, you can edit the existing customer if you need to update the address or phone number, etc., or be able to view their purchase history to help with the current sale. For example, if they want to buy a vacuum cleaner bag and you need to know which model they purchased, you can easily access this history.

Layaways and Special Orders

Why should a store lose customers and sales because clerks can't find an item or price? Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software allows an instant view of whether an item is in stock at this store or any other location. It allows immediate lookup of the correct price of an item which may have lost its tag. The system can be used to identify and find items similar to what the customer is looking for, whether by vendor, price range, color, etc.


Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software allows you to enter estimates using the customer and inventory items on file. Estimates will have no effect on the inventory on-hand, customer balances or the profit and loss statement. However, when the customer decides to make the purchase, you can convert the estimate into an invoice or work order without having to re-enter all the data.

Point of Sale Summary Reports (X/Z Out)

The daily X/Z Out Report provides a summary of all the day's activity at a POS station, or for a particular clerk, or for the whole store. It totals up sales, returns, tax, shipping, and sums paid in and paid out for each tender and each credit card. It lists and totals all sums in or out for special transactions, such as Gift Certificates. It totals all line item discounts by the reasons they were given. This report reconciles the drawer easily and swiftly, and its exact breakdowns can help isolate procedural errors for correction.

Retail Point of Sale Inventory Control

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software gives you real-time inventory management through integration of all aspects of your business - Point of Sale, Accounting, and Inventory Control.


 List price and ninety-eight price levels of different prices for different customers

 Supports bar codes at point-of-sale, receiving and when counting-you can even print your own bar codes.

 Alternate suppliers complete with part number and their price – you can find a part by supplier’s part number

 Alternate parts (superseded parts)

 Add extra comments, warning comments, and up-selling tips

 Store a photo of the item for easy identification and for exporting to an e-commerce site

 Backorders and special orders are well supported

 Serial number and lot number tracking included

 Manage RMA's easily and efficiently

 Customer contract pricing for special instances

Our System will quickly pay for itself through reduced Inventory Shrinkage, cash flow optimization, and improved customer satisfaction by minimizing lost sales from running out of stock.

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii Inventory Control Software makes it easy for you to track, print out reports and always be aware of your stock levels. Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii Inventory Control software lets you see what you sold, what you need to order and what should be left in stock.

Find inventory By part number, description, supplier, main and sub category lookup and numerous other search options

Easily see quantities in stock, committed-to work orders, layaways and quantities available to sell

First in, First Out Costing or Average Costingwith inventory reports showing a weighted average of the remaining stock.


Accounts Receivable

When accounts receivable invoices are entered, they are immediately posted to the customer account and to the aged accounts receivable list. The Aged Accounts Receivable report shows you who owes you money, how much, and how long it has been outstanding in the current, 30 day, 60 day and 90 day columns.

As an option, you can reprint this report for any time back in history. This is very important as you might start invoicing in the current month, before being finished with the system in the previous month and printing that previous months report. Many of our competitors cannot print the reports for previous months even if they let you enter data for the previous months.

Once you are finished the entry for a month, you can print or email statements to the customer.

Maintain your company's identity by creating your own statements. You can add your logo and specify exactly where you want the fields printed. We recommend using a laser printer because of the speed and quality of the print, but if you are using an old dot matrix printer, Windward has a special setup section so that the statements can be optimized for different printers.


When payments are received, you can specify how much was paid against each invoice. This allows for better control of the system and easier reconciliation with your customers. Of course, Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii offers several shortcut keys to simply pay all the invoices in one fell swoop or to pay invoices up to a given amount.

Work in any month or year

You can enter invoices into any month in the current year or previous year, and reprint most reports for any given period. This allows you to continue invoicing first thing in the morning of a new month, even if the back office is not finished charging interest, adjusting accounts and printing statements. Many other systems require that you completely finish a month before being able to start a new month or year.

Customer Credit Control

On the customer account, you can specify the credit limit for the customer, in addition to the price schedule to use, charge type, and comments. If you try to create an invoice that will put the customer over their credit limit, the system will warn you. If you do not have the security clearance to override, the invoice can not be completed until the account is paid.


Collections on outstanding debts are never fun, but Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii can make them easier. You can print an aged A/R report, complete with customer name, phone number and a list of all the outstanding invoices. Optionally, this report can be configured to only include customers with balances older than a certain number of days, such as over 60 days or 90 days so that you don't have to manually skip over the current customers.

As you call each customer, you can enter your comments into the appointment scheduler and set a date to review their file and ensure they have paid, and if not, to call them back. By keeping track of all you customer contacts, it's easier to control when to call and remind them of their past promises.


Accounts Payable

Posting vendor bills is easy. For example, when you receive inventory, the total amount of the purchase is posted to just one ledger number. The inventory being received is listed and detailed in the purchase order module, so there is no need to duplicate this information.

If you negotiate payments in installments such as 3 equal payments, Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii POS software will track those distributed due dates, remind you when you need to pay the bill, and how much to pay.

While entering accounts payable bills, the prices on the original purchase order can easily be cross-referenced to ensure they are correct and that you have received the goods.

Writing Checks

If you are entering information from a previously handwritten check, you can do that without having to print them. Incredibly, many other systems force you to print the checks, regardless. After creating a check, you can choose to post-and-pay it, or simply batch for later payment. This lets you spend some time setting up the checks. Once you are ready, you can load the checks into the printer and then print and post the batch at one time.

Time Payments

In some cases, you may get a large shipment of goods from a supplier and be allowed to pay in thirds, one month at a time. Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii will allow you to enter·a time payment plan, with distributed payments. This information is used with the cash requirement report to determine which bills have to be paid.

Buying Group Support

If you deal with buying groups, then you'll buy the inventory and goods from a supplier but pay the buying group. This is because to get great discounts, the buying groups often pay the bills very quickly or at least guarantee payment. When you use buying groups in, you'll be able to report on all the purchases from a given supplier, even if you don't owe them any money, and be able to look at the buying group from a financial point of view to see what you owe.

You can even use this technology if you purchase goods with your credit card. There, you buy from a supplier but pay Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Windward General Ledger

General Ledger

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii accounting software is fully integrated. That is, when you create an invoice, the general ledger is updated immediately instead of having to run a batch process at some later time.

Batch processing was the old way of handling the ledger transactions and it had many problems. Most notably is the fact that a separate procedure is done to post the invoices, payments, bills and checks into the general ledger with lots of chances for something to go wrong. More importantly, a batch total is posted, making it very difficult to reconcile the accounts at a later date. We have seen many examples of tax auditors having to spend days or weeks looking through the paper batch reports, and nobody wants the tax police hanging around.

With Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii accounting software, each line you see on an invoice is stored as its own record in the database. When viewing the general ledger, the system views the same lines, but from a different point of view and on a different index. The result is simplicity and therefore little chance of problems. If you edit and fix an invoice, the ledger is fixed at the same time because it's the same record. This also saves a huge amount of hard drive space and backup storage requirements. And then, when the Sales Tax Police do arrive, they can view the ledger details and for each line, they will see the date, invoice number, customer name, and amount of sales tax collected. Fast, simple and error free.


By popular request, Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii has developed plugins to link with popular accounting software such as:

Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii develops plugins to link with popular accounting software.
Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii develops plugins to link with popular accounting software.
Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii develops plugins to link with popular accounting software.
Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii develops plugins to link with popular accounting software.
Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii develops plugins to link with popular accounting software.
Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii develops plugins to link with popular accounting software.

Additional plugins are being developed on a regular basis, Contact Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii for more details.

Contact Akamai Point of Sale Hawaii today to learn more!

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